Periodic asymptotic dynamics of the measure solutions to an equal mitosis equation
Annales Henri Lebesgue, Volume 5 (2022), pp. 275-301.


Keywords growth-fragmentation equation, self-similar fragmentation, measure solutions, long-time behavior, general relative entropy, Harris’s theorem, periodic semigroups


We are interested in a non-local partial differential equation modeling equal mitosis. We prove that the solutions present persistent asymptotic oscillations and that the convergence to this periodic behavior, in suitable spaces of weighted signed measures, occurs exponentially fast. It can be seen as a spectral gap result between the countable set of dominant eigenvalues and the rest of the spectrum, which is to our knowledge completely new. The two main difficulties in the proof are to define the projection onto the subspace of periodic (rescaled) solutions and to estimate the speed of convergence to this projection. The first one is addressed by using the generalized relative entropy structure of the dual equation, and the second is tackled by applying Harris’s ergodic theorem on sub-problems.


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