Split Canonical Relations
Annales Henri Lebesgue, Volume 4 (2021), pp. 155-185.


Keywords Canonical relations, symplectic reduction, Poisson sigma model, symplectic groupoids


A Lagrangian subspace L of a weak symplectic vector space is called split Lagrangian if it has an isotropic (hence Lagrangian) complement. When the symplectic structure is strong, it is sufficient for L to have a closed complement, which can then be moved to become isotropic. The purpose of this note is to develop the theory of compositions and reductions of split canonical relations for symplectic vector spaces. We give conditions on a coisotropic subspace C of a weak symplectic space V which imply that the induced canonical relation L C from V to C/C ω is split, and, from these, we find sufficient conditions for split canonical relations to compose well. We prove that the canonical relations arising in the Poisson sigma model from the Lagrangian field theoretical approach are split, giving a description of symplectic groupoids integrating Poisson manifolds in terms of split canonical relations.


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