Carles, Rémi; Carrapatoso, Kleber; Hillairet, Matthieu
Rigidity results in generalized isothermal fluids
Annales Henri Lebesgue, Volume 1  (2018), p. 47-85


KeywordsCompressible Euler equation, Korteweg equation, quantum Navier–Stokes equation, isothermal, large time, compactness


We investigate the long-time behavior of solutions to the isothermal Euler, Korteweg or quantum Navier–Stokes equations, as well as generalizations of these equations where the convex pressure law is asymptotically linear near vacuum. By writing the system with a suitable time-dependent scaling we prove that the densities of global solutions display universal dispersion rate and asymptotic profile. This result applies to weak solutions defined in an appropriate way. In the exactly isothermal case, we establish the compactness of bounded sets of such weak solutions, by introducing modified entropies adapted to the new unknown functions.


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