Wigner measures and effective mass theorems
Annales Henri Lebesgue, Volume 3 (2020), pp. 1049-1089.


Keywords Bloch modes, semi-classical analysis on manifolds, Wigner measures, two-microlocal measures, Effective mass theory


We study a Schrödinger equation which describes the dynamics of an electron in a crystal in the presence of impurities. We consider the regime of small wave-lengths comparable to the characteristic scale of the crystal. It is well-known that under suitable assumptions on the initial data and for highly oscillating potential, the wave function can be approximated by the solution of a simpler equation, the effective mass equation. Using Floquet–Bloch decomposition, as it is classical in this subject, we establish effective mass equations in a rather general setting. In particular, Bloch bands are allowed to have degenerate critical points, as may occur in dimension strictly larger than one. Our analysis leads to a new type of effective mass equations which are operator-valued and of Heisenberg form and relies on Wigner measure theory and, more precisely, to its applications to the analysis of dispersion effects.


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