Lefschetz section theorems for tropical hypersurfaces
Annales Henri Lebesgue, Volume 4 (2021), pp. 1347-1387.


Keywordstropical geometry, tropical homology, Lefschetz section theorems, Hodge theory


We establish variants of the Lefschetz section theorem for the integral tropical homology groups of tropical hypersurfaces of tropical toric varieties. It follows from these theorems that the integral tropical homology groups of non-singular tropical hypersurfaces which are compact or contained in n are torsion free. We prove a relationship between the coefficients of the χ y genera of complex hypersurfaces in toric varieties and Euler characteristics of the integral tropical cellular chain complexes of their tropical counterparts. It follows that the integral tropical homology groups give the Hodge numbers of compact non-singular hypersurfaces of complex toric varieties. Finally for tropical hypersurfaces in certain affine toric varieties, we relate the ranks of their tropical homology groups to the Hodge–Deligne numbers of their complex counterparts.


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