Sharp phase transition for Gaussian percolation in all dimensions
Annales Henri Lebesgue, Volume 5 (2022), pp. 987-1008.


Keywords percolation, sharpness, phase transition, Gaussian fields


We consider the level-sets of continuous Gaussian fields on d above a certain level -, which defines a percolation model as varies. We assume that the covariance kernel satisfies certain regularity, symmetry and positivity conditions as well as a polynomial decay with exponent greater than d (in particular, this includes the Bargmann–Fock field). Under these assumptions, we prove that the model undergoes a sharp phase transition around its critical point c . More precisely, we show that connection probabilities decay exponentially for < c and percolation occurs in sufficiently thick 2D slabs for > c . This extends results recently obtained in dimension d=2 to arbitrary dimensions through completely different techniques. The result follows from a global comparison with a truncated (i.e. with finite range of dependence) and discretized (i.e. defined on the lattice ε d ) version of the model, which may be of independent interest. The proof of this comparison relies on an interpolation scheme that integrates out the long-range and infinitesimal correlations of the model while compensating them with a slight change in the parameter .


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