The almost periodic Gauge Transform: an abstract scheme with applications to Dirac operators
Annales Henri Lebesgue, Volume 6 (2023), pp. 1031-1113.


Keywords Periodic and almost-periodic problems, Gauge transform, Density of states, Bethe–Sommerfeld property, Dirac operators


One of the main tools used to understand both qualitative and quantitative spectral behaviour of periodic and almost periodic Schrödinger operators is the gauge transform method. In this paper, we extend this method to an abstract setting, thus allowing for greater flexibility in its applications that include, among others, matrix-valued operators. In particular, we obtain asymptotic expansions for the density of states of certain almost periodic systems of elliptic operators, including systems of Dirac type. We also prove that a range of periodic systems including the two-dimensional Dirac operators satisfy the Bethe–Sommerfeld property, that the spectrum contains a semi-axis — or indeed two semi-axes in the case of operators that are not semi-bounded.


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