Fractal Weyl law for the Ruelle spectrum of Anosov flows
Annales Henri Lebesgue, Volume 6 (2023), pp. 331-426.


Keywords Transfer operator, Ruelle resonances, decay of correlations, Semi-classical analysis


On a closed manifold M, we consider a smooth vector field X that generates an Anosov flow. Let VC (M;) be a smooth function called potential. It is known that for any C>0, there exists some anisotropic Sobolev space C such that the operator A=-X+V has intrinsic discrete spectrum on Re(z)>-C called Ruelle resonances. In this paper, we show a “Fractal Weyl law”: the density of resonances is bounded by O(ω n 1+β 0 ) where ω=Im(z), n=dimM-1 and 0<β 0 1 is the Hölder exponent of the distribution E u E s (strong stable and unstable). We also obtain some more precise results concerning the wave front set of the resonances and the invertibility of the transfer operator. Since the dynamical distributions E u ,E s are non smooth, we use some semi-classical analysis based on wave packet transform associated to an adapted metric g on T * M and construct some specific anisotropic Sobolev spaces.


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